Chemical processing giant Lotte Chemical identified that the risks associated with the manual operation of 2 x 24″ Knife Gate valves at their Wilton Teesside processing facility were far too high to tolerate and took a proactive measure to the potential safety issue by contacting Prosafe Engineering to enquire about Prosafe’s valve actuation solutions.


At the base of each batch reactor there are two off 24” knife gate valves (103 turns limit to limit) which had to be manually operated once per 12 hour shift. Due to the characteristics and awkward access to the valves, manually operating these valves potentially exposed the operator to hazards such as muscle strain and fatigue with each actuation.


“Easi” – The EasiDrive Portable Valve Actuator

Prosafe Engineering successfully supplied and commissioned the EasiDrive portable valve actuator system to provide a safe method of actuation and eliminate the hazards associated with manual operation of the valves.

What is EasiDrive?

The EasiDrive portable valve actuator is a compact and agile device that effortlessly opens and closes valves to provide safe and easy actuation of manual valves that are difficult or hazardous to operate manually. The custom made “reaction” kit absorbs any potential “kick” that may be produced once the valve reaches its open or closed limits. The EasiDrive system is versatile and can be powered by air, electricity or battery. Torque of up to 950NM can be generated, depending on the client’s choice of equipment.

Operating manual valves that, for example, require a large number of turns, awkward to access, or can’t be opened / closed with ease, can have the potential to cause harm. Anything that has the potential to cause should be eliminated, or reduced to a point that is reasonably practicable. The EasiDrive portable valve actuator provides a very simple, cost effective solution to what is a very common problem in the process industries.