Prosafe Engineering offer an ever expanding range of engineering products which optimise production, reduce down team, risk, and contribute to an overall safer and more productive asset.

Our team has over 90 combined years of hands-on industry experience; we only sell products that we have worked with and truly believe in.

FlexiDrive Remote Actuator

Remotely operate valves from safe distance without having to erect temporary access and exposing the operator to hazardous that have the potential to cause serious harm.

Smith Valve Interlocks

Smith Flow Control introduced the modern valve interlock in 1985. The brand has since became the global standard for premium valve interlocking. Smith valve interlocks provide highly reliable sequencing to the operation of your valves and adjacent equipment. Prosafe Engineering are the exclusive agent and distributor for Smith valve interlocks in the UK.

Valve Position Indicator

VPI valve position indicator provides real time open / closed position feedback for manually operated valves. The device can be retrofitted to manual valves and integrated into existing control systems.

Interlock Key Management

The presence of interlock keys in your interlock key management cabinet tells you about the status of the respective system. Each key has its own dedicated position.

Asset Management Software

Effectively manage your plant equipment by recording all tests and inspections using a sophisticated cloud based software solution.

Pipe Rack Jack

Inspection of pipes, replacing or refurbishing of supports, can be carried out in a very safe and cost effective way.

Netherlocks Valve Interlocks

Netherlocks valve interlocks were introduced to the market in 1993. The Dutch design of the valve interlock is based on extensive experience with the major oil and chemical companies in the Netherlands. Prosafe Engineering are the exclusive agent and distributor for Netherlocks valve interlocks in the UK.

FAITH Partial Stroke Test

To test your most critical ESD valves during operation, you partially stroke the valve. To avoid the process flow being interrupted during testing, the FAITH mechanically blocks the valve movement when it reaches the test angle. You are 100% guaranteed a safe test.

EasiDrive Portable Actuator

With EasiDrive, you easily handle hard to operate and time-consuming valves without expensive actuators. Equip your valves with mounting kits, carry your tool in to the field and operate your valves with ease.

Power Wrench Portable Actuator

The Power Wrench portable actuator reduces valve operating time by up to 80% and improves efficiency when operating manual valves. Install the drive plate with u-bolts, connect the Power Wrench portable actuator to an air supply and you are ready to go!